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At Mamo, no role is too small - our team works together to deliver an experience like no other.

We transform Mamo’s vision of providing reliable, fast and effective payment solutions into reality while ensuring customer data and privacy isn’t compromised.
We use encrypted financial reconciliation systems and processes to guard the financial health of our customers, and Mamo as a whole.
We research and uncover innovative ways to solve user pain points and position Mamo as a serious contender in the financial services sector.
Growth / marketing
We bring Mamo’s delightful products to our beloved users through advertisements, promotions, and demand generation.
We ensure the culture Mamo takes pride in continues to flourish and resonate across all departments.
We merge the needs of our users with Mamo’s mission for financial empowerment to masterfully create an end product that is user desirable, technically feasible and business viable.
We work with potential customers to understand their pain points and advise them on how Mamo’s products and services can be used to grow their business.
Risk and compliance
We protect all the value created within Mamo across every chapter through fraud detection and due diligence on security and safety.
Customer experience
We paint the experiences and impressions Mamo creates in our users’ minds, while communicating our customer’s wants and needs to the Mamo team.
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“Something that is really special to Mamo is being able to tap into your creativity”

Joharah Alomair,
Design Manager
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“I've been mentored by a lot of amazing people that can teach you a lot of things that are outside your comfort zone”

Mostafa Esmaiel,
Senior Tech Lead
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Tribe Model

The tribe model can help a growing organization, more specifically, the current stage at which Mamo is, develop autonomy, concentrate expertise where it is most needed and valuable, and speed product development. Here are some of the components of the tribe model which we are constantly evolving.

Tribe model
A tribe is a collection of squads grouped by a common business focus. For example, a tribe for Mamo might include a group of squads working on payments. We are not big enough to justify creating tribes at this stage, but it’s nice to have the definition handy.
A squad is the smallest unit of development in the tribe model. Squads consist of a group of specialists (engineers, designers, PMs, etc) who work closely together on a specific area of the product. They are designed to be autonomous, self-organizing teams that can have broad business objectives and can release products to the market whenever they are ready.
A guild is a broader community that can include members in multiple tribes. What unites the members of a guild is an interest in sharing knowledge, best practices, and tools. A person from any squad, chapter or tribe can be part of a guild. Guilds can rise out of common expertise throughout the lifetime of the organization (Security guild, Infrastructure guild, UX guild, etc).
A chapter consists of individuals from different squads, all of which have common skills & capabilities. A chapter lead is also a line manager of the chapter members and supports them in their personal and professional growth (Business, Experience, Engineering, etc).

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