Contactless payments made easy

Bring the power and versatility of QR codes to your business today. Create a QR code to start accepting contactless payments quickly and securely.

A QR code on an iPhone with the ability to scan and pay

Why use QR codes?

QR code solutions from Mamo help make payments safer, contact free, and more efficient. No need to invest in point of sale hardware, all you need is a smartphone and Mamo Business to start generating QR codes.

Person using QR code on his phone

How do they work?

Customers can scan and pay in seconds. They'll simply need to scan your code and select their preferred payment option – Apple Pay, Google Pay, or through a debit or credit card. A whopping 67% of respondents to the Martech Stats and Trends for 2022 agreed that QR codes make life easier.

Hands holding phone showing Payment links with the QR code they scanned

QR codes for contactless payments

Generate a quick QR code and print it to accept payments for your product or service in-person, eliminating the need for a point of sale device.

Payment using QR code in a flower shop

QR codes for on-the-go payments

Add QR codes to your marketing material, like print ads and flyers. Or simply attach QR codes to your emails or invoices – making it easier to accept payments from anywhere.

Scanning QR code through camera

We use Mamo QR Codes for in-person pop-up events. Our users simply scan a QR code for anything they wish to purchase, they enter the amount and pay with Apple or Google Pay! We love the fact that it includes tipping! All of this has made doing business so much easier.

Amberin, Artisan Crafts

Image of the dashboard overview in an iPad device
Image of the dashboard overview in an iPad device
Image of the dashboard overview in an iPad device

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