Corporate credit cards,
without the FX fees.

Save 3% on foreign exchange fees across global spends. Issue virtual and physical cards, set spend limits, and manage company-wide expenses in real-time. Your P&L will thank you.

No sign-up fees
No transaction fees
Unlimited cards

Physical and virtual cards

Issue as many physical and virtual cards as you need, in seconds.

Spend management

Easy-to-use workflows, fund requests, spend limits and budgets all in one place.

Expense management

Faster, simpler, fully automated expense management. Never chase an employee for receipts again.

Employee cards

Manage your team's corporate cards and set budgets for each.

Utmost safety and security

Change or update corporate card settings in real-time, freeze cards, or issue new ones in seconds

See how much you could save on FX

Use this free savings calculator to estimate how much you could save for your business with Cards.

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How does Mamo do this?

Mamo, unlike other card providers, does not add any hidden fees or charges to your transactions. Most platforms add a 2-3% fee on non-AED transactions and offer steep conversion rates.

Some will even offer a "cashback" which isn't really that becuase you're the one paying for it. At Mamo we don't do any of that.

With us, the pricing is transparent and the fine print is the bold print.

Frequently asked questions

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Where can I use the Mamo Card?

The Mamo Card can be used anywhere and everywhere, online and offline! It is exactly the same as the personal debit or credit card you use on a daily basis today. The Mamo Card can also easily be linked to your Google Wallet, enabling you to tap-to-pay at participating stores. With the Mamo Card, you can make purchases online, offline and even withdraw money at ATMs. You can also link the Mamo Card to online subscription services. Learn more.

How many cards can I get?

There is no limit on the number of cards you can get. Learn more.

How do I top up my card?

You can top up your card in one of two ways: Using your Mamo Wallet balance or through a manual bank transfer. Mamo Wallet balance top-ups are the fastest and slickest way to top up your card and results in real-time. Learn more.

Are there charges on card purchases?

Card purchases are completely free for our customers. This applies to both AED (domestic) purchases and non-AED (international) purchases. Other providers or banks tend to charge you a hefty foreign currency (FX) fee when making non-AED purchases. We do not. Learn more.

Can I set limits on a Mamo Card?

You sure can! To set your limits on your Mamo Card, log in to your Dashboard and add a daily or monthly spending limit. It's that simple. Learn more.

How secure is the Mamo Card?

Security and reliability are two of the top three qualities Mamo prioritizes for its customers. Mamo is PCI-DSS certified and utilizes multiple layers of best-in-class security and redundancy across payment processing, transaction monitoring and alerting. Learn more.

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