Mamo Pay

Thoughtfully made with you in mind

Access your money anytime, anywhere. No bank account? No problem. Mamo Pay’s Companion Card gives you access to your funds wherever you go,  just like a bank card.

Send money with a few taps

Send money to friends, family, housekeepers, and nannies instantly. No cash, no IBANs, zero fees. All you need is a phone number or email address.

Take control of your money

Receive reminders on upcoming payments. Track your past, present and future transactions.

Access your funds with peace of mind

Easily withdraw your Mamo Pay funds to your existing bank account or load them onto the Mamo Pay Companion Card to use at stores, ATMs, or online, just like a bank card.

Mamo Pay
Mamo Pay
Mamo Pay
Mamo Pay
Mamo Pay
Mamo Pay
Mamo Pay

Wherever you need us the most

At Mamo Pay we create intuitive experiences you will love, that solve real-life problems. You are the center of our universe and we hear you.

Your time is precious

No more frustrating moments entering multiple bank account details like IBAN.

Be your best

No more awkward conversations about money owed or keeping track of payments.

No cash? No problem

No more frustrating moments finding the right change or accessing ATMs.


People centricity, thoughtfulness, originality, and attention to detail are behind everything we do.
We are a team of creative, strategic and technical problem solvers. We are expanding and looking for exemplary people that are compassionate, empathetic and smart. Email us if that resonates with you.

Asma Alyamani

Head of Product

Clifton StrengthsFinder:
Responsibility, Relator, Learner, Intellection, Arranger

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Asim Janjua


Clifton StrengthsFinder:
Positivity, Empathy, Learner, Input, Achiever

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Mohammad El Saadi


Clifton StrengthsFinder:
Learner, Intellection, Relator, Ideation, Restorative

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Imad Gharazeddine


Clifton StrengthsFinder:
Analytical, Focus, Relator, Learner, Deliberative

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Everyday payments simplified

Mamo Pay is being built to connect consumers and producers to create and facilitate connections between traditional businesses and startups. While we develop our core functionality, here is what you can expect in the future.

The platform

  1. Send, receive, track, and visualize payments
  2. Split expenses with immediate settlement
  3. Understand your spending habits and make informed financial choices


  1. Perform built-in user verification (KYC) safely and securely
  2. Connect your business or service to Mamo Pay
  3. Integrate with Mamo Pay as your one-stop-shop for payments APIs

Merchants and startups

  1. Accept payments safely & securely, online or in-person
  2. Send payment reminders to your customers
  3. Access real-time payment data & analysis

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