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Everyday payments simplified

Experience the ease of sending and receiving money with Mamo Pay. No beneficiaries. No fees. No IBANs. All you need is a debit card and the Mamo Pay app.
Digital KYC
Lightning fast

Money is made for living

Settle that lunch bill, pay for your yoga class, or help a friend out. With Mamo Pay you can send money to anyone within the UAE.

Payments with peace of mind

Sending money through Mamo Pay is safer than carrying cash. All your personal details are protected, and all transactions are secured.

Mamo Pay image
Mamo Pay image

Effortless access to your money

There shouldn’t be any barriers between you and your money. With Mamo Pay, you’re in control of all your funds wherever you go.

Thoughtfully made for you

Our mission is to solve real-life issues related to sending and receiving money in our region. We exist only to empower you.

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Digital wallet
Add and withdraw money instantly
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Prepaid card
Like a bank card, use it anywhere
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Send and request money instantly
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Track, search and download payments

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Are you a lovely human being?

We are always on the lookout for exceptional people. Being exceptional means being emotionally savvy and not just technically wicked. You have a radical passion for something but you're also self-aware, quirky and cute works too.


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Mamo Pay Visa Partner – Fintech Fast Track Program

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