Secure instant everyday payments

Don’t take our word for it, experience the ease of sending and receiving money with Mamo Pay for yourself.
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Pay a loved one back

Never worry about not having cash again, now you can Mamo them back! And show a little gratitude with a personalized payment message.
Amira Maryam
Thanks for the loan! 💚
↗ AED 8000.00
Two friends hugging each other
Alex Agudira
Wakeboarding 🌊
↗ AED 295.00
Rad person sending money via phone

Split the bill

Never again forget to pay anyone back for dinner or that activity they booked. Mamo them back instantly!

Pay your personal trainer

Your time is precious. Don't spend it grappling with mobile banking apps. Leave the heavy-lifting to us.
Coach Max
Lit session! x2 sessions 💪🏽
↗ AED 450.00
Person working out and flexing their arms
Emirates NBD
Mamo wallet payment
↗ AED 595.00
Person with his blue backpack checking his phone

Move your money, at your pace

Connect your bank account and transfer money from your Mamo Pay wallet to your bank account whenever you want. With Mamo, you’re in control wherever you go.

How it works

Use Mamo Pay for secure and instant payments. Here’s how it works.

Download Mamo Pay

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Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and register to get started.

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Connect your bank account or card

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Follow the simple instructions to add a card or connect your bank account and add money to your Mamo wallet.

Connect your card screenshot

Send money

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Enter the amount you want to send from your available balance.

Send money to your friend screenshot

Choose a friend

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Choose someone from your phone contact list, or enter any phone number or email address.

Select friend or family to send the money to

Carry on with your day

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Mamo Pay sends the money instantly and your friend will be notified. If they don’t already have Mamo Pay, they will receive a link to register and automatically see the money in their wallet as soon as they create an account.

Money successfully sent screenshot

Payments with peace of mind

We go the extra mile to protect your privacy and maintain the security of our systems. All your personal and financial details are protected.
Person positioning their arms like Superman

Pay anyone anytime

With Mamo Pay, settling up is a breeze. Send money to anyone in seconds and carry on with your day!
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We are incredibly grateful for the support, guidance and trust of our business partners.
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Mamo Pay Security Partner – Spidersilk
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Mamo Pay Visa Partner – Fintech Fast Track Program
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