Collaboration and compassion

Nothing exceptional has ever been created by a single genius (yes, that includes Einstein too). At Mamo Pay, we believe the viability of our business is diversity, collaboration and compassion.

We share a common understanding of teamwork

All team members understand their roles, responsibilities, and the way we interact with one another. Our mental model of teamwork for effective coordination is to ask ourselves:

Are we working on the right thing at the right time?
Do we all agree on what we’re supposed to do?

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We believe we are more effective together

Beyond each individual having confidence in their ability to be successful, our team members collectively believe that they can effectively complete tasks.

We encourage our teams to improvise

By improvising and developing new ideas or ways of handling adversity our teams are empowered to take on anything. Improvisation is really about the deliberate process of adjusting to changing circumstances in real time.

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Asma Alyamani

Head of Product

Rinki Singhvi

Head of Strategy & Ops

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Valerii Volkov

Software Engineer

Dong Ngo

Software Engineer

Mostafa Esmaiel

Software Engineer

Piotr Przeliorz

Software Engineer

Abdulla Albadi

Product Manager

Jaime Fernandez

Community Manager

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Mo El Saadi

Co-Founder, CEO

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Imad Gharazeddine

Co-Founder, CTO

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Asim Janjua

Co-Founder, CXO