Create tickets, sell out events.

It’s that simple. From uncomplicated online ticket payments to a smooth event check-in at the door, Mamo Business ensures you sell tickets, accelerate revenue, and succeed!

A payment link displaying setting number of tickets to sell

Sell event tickets online

Create and manage ticket sales on our full-service web based dashboard. Set a capacity on the maximum number of tickets that can be sold, allow customers to buy multiple tickets at once and choose whether attendees receive a QR code with their ticket.

dashboard with custom ticketing

Offer a seamless buying experience

Make buying tickets simple for event attendees with multiple payment options, including Apple Pay or Google Pay. Alongside the added ease of buying multiple tickets at once.

Woman setting limits on tickets

Create a smooth check-in on event day

Validate passes live at your event in seconds by scanning QR codes on tickets – no more concerns about customers using the same ticket twice or losing track of how many people attended!

Phone showing QR code to scan during event

Mamo’s ticketing system is so simple that it took minutes to set up. Unlike other ticketing services no additional hardware or software is required, we simply scanned QR codes from the customers ticket through any mobile device and validated.

Mo Al Siddiq, Brunch Unlimited

Sell tickets
to almost anything

A DJ concert party

Entertainment and music events

Mamo Business event tickets are designed for seamless entry to music events, brunches, theater shows and nightlife events.

3 land cruisers cruising in the sand

Excursions, tours, and attractions

Excursions, tours and attractions of all types can leverage our powerful ticketing system and the Mamo Business dashboard to manage all payments.

Football arena

Sports events and fitness classes

Our platform is capable of handling hundreds of attendees per day. With a rapidly growing user base, we are trusted by businesses and customers alike.

A business event

Business events and seminars

Our platform is so simple that it can be used for large or small scale events, onsite entry management and validation for conferences, lectures, conventions, seminars, and workshops.

Image of the dashboard overview in an iPad device
Image of the dashboard overview in an iPad device
Image of the dashboard overview in an iPad device

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