Cut down on time and fees with mass disbursements

Save on bank fees and handle high volume payouts to suppliers, vendors, contractors, and other businesses straight from your dashboard.

disbursements UI in tablet

Create thousands of disbursements with a single CSV file upload

Fill the CSV file template with payee details and choose whether to send money to their bank account or their Mamo Pay e-wallet. Once you submit the form, we’ll make the payouts on your behalf - easy!

person using disbursements on their laptop

From your dashboard to your vendors

choose type of disbursements - bank account or Mamo Personal Wallet

Choose from multiple payout methods

Send money directly to your payees bank account with their bank details or to their Mamo Personal e-wallet using just their email.

list of disbursements with pending and success statuses

Track all your disbursements

Monitor disbursements that are under process or successfully sent from your handy-dandy dashboard.

Automate disbursements with API integration

Take advantage of our easy-to-integrate APIs to automate your disbursements.

Now you can,
with Mamo

Tola - Product Manager

👋 Hello, my name is Tola; I’m the Product Manager for Mamo Business. At Mamo, our goal is to make payments simpler, faster, and friendlier! The team and I are focused on delivering you the best experience possible, and we can only do that by understanding exactly what you and your business need. Have thoughts on how we can improve our product? Get in touch!

Image of the dashboard overview in an iPad device
Image of the dashboard overview in an iPad device
Image of the dashboard overview in an iPad device

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