Head of Growth

You’re a growth and marketing professional, extremely passionate about applying your martech skills in the Fintech startups space. You understand and care deeply about Mamo Pay users and possess ability for divergent out of the box creative thinking that speaks from the heart through storytelling and meaningful content.

Dear candidate,

Help us grow Mamo Pay

Every product needs a caretaker that takes it from design and development to an anticipating audience with the same amount of sweat, love, and attention that has gone into it for several months behind the scenes. Today we are in search of that special person as Head of Growth.

We live in a world where we’re bombarded with offers, brand ads and products that will, supposedly, make our lives better. We believe our brand is neither our logo nor is it what we sell. It’s not the colours we use nor the style of our website. We believe our brand is our promise to our users and their expectations of us. We believe this takes time and patience by keeping and delivering on our promise – continuously over time.

Marketing is the generous act of helping people solve a problem. Their problem. Through emotional connection and listening. It’s a chance to change a region and culture for the better and it involves very little in the way of shouting or yelling. It’s a chance to serve by asking the right questions to create a community and following, in which people will want to get involved and to deliver the right message and promise to the right people.

This promise is not something material. It’s emotionally built through connection and engagement. How so? Well, that is why we need your help now that we’ve done some of the work with Mamo Pay.

At Mamo Pay our mission is to empower people to effortlessly access their money through a platform that demonstrates simplicity, empathy, and utility. Our vision is to bring financial independence to every human so they may have the time and means to live their fullest lives.

Everything we do at Mamo Pay begins with an authentic human connection. So that we are able to build a delightful customer and product experience people trust. We are a startup aspiring to become the region’s favorite finance and payment provider.

You will be working with an international team and ex-Googlers with years of experience in product design, engineering, operations, and marketing. At Mamo Pay our employees come first. We believe by taking care of our employees, they will take care of our users.

Here are some of the things that would make you an exceptional candidate for this role:

You’re a growth and marketing professional, extremely passionate about applying your martech skills in the Fintech startups space. You understand and care deeply about Mamo Pay users, data and analytics, and approach decisions in a structured and well-rounded fashion with the ability for divergent out of the box creative thinking that speaks from the heart through storytelling and meaningful content.

You are an exceptional project manager who is relentlessly resourceful and lives by documentation. You understand the importance of being flexible and focused. You work and communicate well within a small, tightly-knit team of technologists, designers, and business minds and are able to learn new skills and technologies and seek the help of others in areas where you lack experience.

The Head of Growth will help define and execute Mamo Pay’s go-to-market and growth strategy across multiple channels. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of digital marketing, content, growth strategies, and also be experienced working with top social and ad platforms. Although this is a senior role, you would be operating in a startup environment. This means “rolling up your sleeves” and diving deep into the details with an eager willingness to create and execute pulling together resources when required, and over time building and leading a growing team.

If you are reading this and if we’ve got you to read this far it might be worth connecting and talking. To do so, drop us an email. If it makes sense, we’ll have a meeting to talk more. We’d love to tell you about the (much bigger) plans we have.

Job Duties:

  • Define growth and marketing KPIs to be in line with business objectives
  • Work closely with Product / Experience team to optimize creative collateral
  • Deep-dive into various campaigns to gather insights and manage performance
  • Work with Product and Engineering to integrate martech platforms to data and analytics platforms
  • Manage and maximize the output of contracted marketing & social media specialists through planning, development, and evaluation of work quality
  • Develop integrated growth strategies which establish brand positioning, increase awareness/loyalty, and meets performance targets across acquisition, retention, and engagement
  • Set KPIs to monitor ROAS and optimize campaigns if and when necessary
  • Prepare marketing and social media calendars, budget plans, cost control measures, campaign summaries and reports
  • Work with strategic partners and external providers to leverage opportunities across segments and portfolio
  • Collaborate with Product and Engineering teams to ensure we are building new products/features that create value for users and enable growth
  • Monitor the marketplace for trends and keep abreast of new technologies and competitor activities


  • 6+ years of experience in digital marketing roles, or 2+ years experience in growth roles
  • Proven track record of successful product launch and outreach strategy
  • Startup experience is a must
  • Experience in the fintech, e-commerce, gaming or travel verticals a plus
  • Outstanding communication, presentation and leadership skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills - “Get things done” attitude
  • Highly proficient in the use of ad platforms, including Facebook/IG, Google Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok
  • Demonstrates flexibility when addressing shifting or competing priorities
  • Strong command of English language, both verbal and written, a must. Arabic is a bonus

Do you love what you do? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

Mamo Pay team

Remote / Dubai, UAE
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