Frequently asked questions

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Does my payment link expire?

Your payment link does not expire. When you share it with your customers, they can pay at their convenience and the payment form will remain valid.

Are there any fees associated with payments?

Mamo Business will cost you 3% per transaction. There are no setup costs or any other fees, just a flat 3% fee per transaction.

Are there any minimum or maximum limits on invoice amounts that a customer can pay?

There are no minimum or maximum limits when using Mamo Business. However, keep in mind that we will only be able to send you a settlement if the total settlement payment is AED 100 or more.

Is there a minimum amount Mamo Business needs to collect before I receive my money?

Yes, Mamo Business will only be able to send you a settlement if the total amount due is AED 100 or more.

How are refunds processed?

If the payment has been transferred and settled to your bank account by Mamo Business, the funds will be in your possession, therefore refunds would need to be managed by you.

However, if a payment refund request from your customers comes in before the transfer and settlement to your bank account by Mamo Business, then we can reverse the transaction. The fee for this reversal would be 3%.

If you have any questions related to refunds please reach out on

How do I know which customer sent me this money?

We will send you an email receipt to inform you that your customer’s payment was successful. The receipt will include your customer’s name so you know who it’s from.

Which currencies does Mamo Business accept?

Mamo Business is currently only available in AED. However, your customers can settle and pay in any currency using their international debit or card cards. Please note that exchange rates may apply. For more information please contact your card issuer or bank.

How long does it take to receive money from Mamo Business?

It usually takes seven days to settle payments, after the payment has been made by your customer.

I lost / forgot my payment link, how do I retrieve it?

Email us at And we’ll be happy to resend your payment link!

How can I track how much money I’m due from Mamo Business?

The Mamo Business dashboard is coming soon and currently under development. This will allow you to track all transactions, including settled and pending payments between your business and Mamo Business. We’ll share updates as we progress, but if you have any questions please reach out on

Can I modify the amounts of these payment links?

Yes! Amounts are easily modifiable both by you or by your customers. We want this process to be as seamless and intuitive as possible for businesses and customers alike. You can simply modify the amount inside the payment form in the amount input.

Tip: You can also edit the amount right from inside the URL by simply replacing the amount, for example here is a URL with the amount of AED 100

you can replace the '100' with any amount, here is an example with AED 235

How do I generate payment links?

In this beta phase, Mamo Business will generate a single payment link for you. This link can be used to accept different amounts from your customers. For example, you can collect AED 100 from one customer and AED 240 from another, all using the same link!

What will happen after I register?

Once you complete your business registration (it takes a few minutes), we will onboard your business and send you an email containing your payment link. This email will contain all the instructions needed to start sending payment links to customers and accepting payments from them.