Our beliefs

Beliefs are fundamental to Mamo, and our brand is a true reflection of this. Our beliefs capture the essence of who we are and what we stand for, now and in the future. This means the things that are important to Mamo are, in turn, important to us all. Taking this opportunity to do the best work of your life and supporting others in doing the same. Taking pleasure in the exercise of your craft and playing with your whole heart. Engaging your responsibilities with drive, inspiration and presence.

Guiding principles

Our beliefs are brought to life by four guiding principles. These principles represent our unique perspective on the world. They're also the ideals behind our Values and Personality. That makes us act, behave and communicate the way we do.

We make simple beautiful

Making simple beautiful is the magic that creates a difference in people’s lives—connections through thoughtful and delightful design.

We take ownership personally

Personal ownership supports collective responsibility—the sense of autonomy to inspire change and drive shared success.

We challenge the norm

We believe everyone is extraordinary and entitled to reach the stars. Pushing boundaries to help conquer fears, overcome limitations, and supersede everyday expectations.

We grow with humility

Growing with humility is about going out of our way to help others succeed—creating solutions to benefit the many, not the few.

Values and actions

Although we are a young company, we're already known for our strong beliefs, warm personality, and enthusiasm for doing the right thing. Below are the things that are important to us and reflected throughout every experience we create.

We’re creative
The ability to see things in new and different ways. Connect with others to come up with original, novel ideas or solutions to problems for products, and services. Additionally, being creative enhances one's personal growth and self-expression.
We’re collaborative
The ability to learn, teach and support each other by being encouraging, positive, open, and playful. Seeking harmony and results through community, kindness, empathy and understanding.
We’re committed
The ability to go out of our way to help others makes you more dependable, trustworthy, and responsible. It is the enthusiasm for work and the feeling of responsibility that a person has towards the organization's goals, vision and mission.
We’re courageous
The ability to take risks, overcome barriers, conquer fears, and supersede expectations. The willingness to speak up even in difficult situations which leads to progress and growth. Which inspires others to act with integrity and create a culture of accountability, authenticity and innovation.
By being imaginative
  1. You find unique and ingenious solutions to obstacles you encounter.
  2. You are exquisite at what you do, thoughtful, and willing to go that extra mile.
  3. You systemize and automate things that work to create compounding results.
By being encouraging
  1. You proactively engage in difficult conversations and gracefully accept feedback.
  2. You are grateful for failure and are never defensive.
  3. You are authentic in your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
By being perceptive
  1. You think and behave with accountability through impact.
  2. You discuss and respectfully disagree but commit and follow through.
  3. You are inclusive, fair and humble.
By being genuine
  1. You are brave, bold and daring.
  2. You challenge assumptions and the status quo.
  3. You are experimental and able to fail, learn and iterate and choose speed over perfections.

Our philosophy

At Mamo, everything we do begins with an authentic human connection.

Authentic human connection is both our philosophy and mantra. This means every experience we create is simply designed to help others succeed. This is why we've created a brand that feels familiar, expressive, and inspirational, with the potential to evolve over time. Our brand, identity, and experience have strong elements that bring everything together under one unique system. The application of these elements allows for differentiation between our products and services.