How we speak

Tone of voice

Our tone of voice is vivid, delightful, captivating, and effortless.

Tone of Voice helps ensure our words are filled with warmth and have a resounding reason to be there. Copy should always be good-tempered, calm, and balanced, sharing information in a truly engaging way that resonates with people. We achieve this by using unstuffy, simple, and straightforward language everyone can understand.


Direct, honest, natural, trusted language. Impart knowledge and expertise in a generous and easy yet confident way. Use genuine and accessible words to explain the benefits.


Punchy, inspiring descriptions that are full of warmth and playfulness. Use fresh language and playful words to instill enthusiasm and love for life.

Understanding audiences

The people whose lives we touch can have very different needs and expectations. Whether communicating Mamo or Mamo Pay, every message needs to be tailored to its audience.


Mamo taglines and hashtags

We have several taglines to explain our mission and customer point of view. There's a tagline for Mamo and taglines for Mamo products. We use these synonymously, there are no hard and fast rules for this, instead use your intuition.

  • Simpler, faster, friendlier finance
  • Now you can, with Mamo
  • Money is made for living
  • Money made, simple
  • Supercharge your business payments
  • Mamo Business, built for #SMEs, designed for #humans, and made for #growth.
#fintech #payments #SMEs #smallbusiness

Company value proposition

Our company value proposition is both our essence and promise and is used in company communications. It sums up how we connect emotionally with people. But we have to be thoughtful about using our value proposition. So we only use it as a message where relating a product to the story about our company is key.

Now you can, with Mamo

Company boilerplate

We use this statement when describing the company to potential investors or our friends in the FinTech sector.

Mamo is a FinTech startup headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Mamo provides SME's with an alternative to business banking. A SaaS platform designed and built like a consumer product that acts as a financial OS and a lifeline for small businesses.

Company descriptor

When talking to the media or press about the company we use the longer Company Boilerplate below.

Mamo’s flagship product is Mamo Business. The platform includes three critical parts to starting and operating a business; payments (money movement, receivables and payables), spend management (corporate cards) and lending (capital).

Mamo is driven by its mission to remove the burden for small businesses requiring sophisticated and expensive engineering teams by automating their payments and finances so that they can reclaim time and resources and focus on growth. SMEs choose Mamo infrastructure to build better payment experiences, faster.

Mamo is proud to own and operate all of its core and financial IP. In 2022, Mamo was the first Fintech startup licensed by the DFSA with a Cat 3C Providing Money Services licence; allowing it to accelerate growth and expand into new markets and financial services.