Our logos

Our identity reflects our commitment to simplicity. So people can trust Mamo to create solutions that will perform better than any other company. Without unnecessary complications.

We have two logos: a logo for Mamo, the company, and Mamo Pay, our flagship product. Both are very important. We treat them nicely and never alter them. No matter how tempted you might feel!

Minimum size

It may be necessary to increase and decrease logo size depending on the space available. The logo must never be sized smaller than shown below and always kept in proportion when scaled.

Minimum clear space

Our logos should always be surrounded by a minimum area of space. Where possible, the areas of space around our logo should be greater than the minimum. The minimum space is proportional and represented by the letter X. It mirrors the exact same distance between the Symbol and the left edge of the letter M.

Absolute no-nos

Our logo is a treasured asset. Artworks exist for all kinds of use, and if you don't see what you need, please ask before tinkering. Treat our logo with love and don't do anything with it that looks awkward (or feels weird!)

Never change the relationship between the Symbol and the word-mark
Never recreate the logo using a different typeface
Never change spacing between letters
Never skew our logo i.e., lean it to the left or right
Never stretch or squash letters
Never change typeface weights
Never adjust the colors of the logo (use approved artworks)
And never show the word-mark without a Symbol.

Product brand extensions

When the time comes, artwork already exists for new products and product extensions. However, this is never to be used without the Design Chief's approval. (Take heed!)

Sub-branded Product Name
Product Extension Description


When visually communicating an alliance, partnership, or joint venture, please follow these co-branding design principles. Use our color logo against a white background, make sure all logos the same visual size, and try to arrange them horizontally when possible. Middle-align logos for the best balance, and separate them using the diameter of the Mamo symbol.

Download logos

Download the latest Mamo logo assets from our repository.