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Experience the ease of sending and receiving money with Mamo Pay.
No beneficiaries. No fees. No IBANs. All you need is a debit card and the Mamo Pay app.

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Money is made for living

Settle that lunch bill, pay for your yoga class, or help a friend out. With Mamo Pay you can send money to anyone within the UAE.

Payments with peace of mind

Sending money through Mamo Pay is safer than carrying cash. All your personal details are protected, and all transactions are secured.

Effortless access to your money

There shouldn’t be any barriers between you and your money. With Mamo Pay, you’re in control of all your funds wherever you go.

Thoughtfully made for you

Our mission is to solve real-life issues related to sending and receiving money in our region. We exist only to empower you.

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Mamo Pay

Move your money, at your pace

Link a debit card to add money to your Mamo Pay wallet. Use your money to pay other people, or withdraw it back to your bank account.

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Download Mamo Pay

Download the app from the Google Play Store to get started.

Connect your bank account or card

Follow the simple instructions to add a card or connect your bank account and add money to your Mamo Pay wallet.

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Send money

Enter the amount you want to send from your available Mamo Pay wallet balance.

Choose a friend

Choose someone from your phone contact list, or enter any phone number or email address.

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Carry on with your day

Mamo Pay sends the money instantly and your recipient will receive a notification whether they have Mamo Pay or not.

Frequently asked questions

The following questions cover how to get started, registration and general information we thought you may find useful during this private beta.


How long does it take for withdrawals to reach my bank account?

While we endeavor to process withdrawals immediately, UAE banks sometimes require 1 business day to process and deposit.

Which banks are supported?

You are able to connect any UAE bank by simply using your bank account's IBAN and following the instructions in the app. We are working on integrating all your favorite banks so you can safely and securely connect to them in the future more seamlessly, without manually entering the IBAN.

Why can I no longer send money to someone using their phone number or email address?

During our Private Beta, we will constantly tweak things and gather insights to understand what works and what doesn’t for you. This is our commitment to you. While we do this, we may occasionally restrict the number of users that can join Mamo Pay. Don’t worry, we’ll eventually open it up again and enable sending to anyone and everyone!

Who can use Mamo Pay?

Mamo Pay is currently in Private Beta (testing stage). To make sure we bring you the best experience possible we are currently only testing with Android devices. Please sign-up here for early access.

What is Mamo Pay?

Mamo Pay is an easy way to send money directly between friends and family. With just their email address or mobile phone number, you can quickly and securely send and receive money to and from people, regardless of where you bank.

Are there any limits on withdrawals?

Unfortunately, due restrictions imposed by banks we are unable to process withdrawals below AED 100. This is a little annoying for us too, we are working with banks to see if this can actually be resolved but for now please kindly make sure withdrawals are greater than AED 100. Please email us on support@mamopay.com from the email address linked to your Mamo Pay account.

Is Mamo Pay secure?

Mamo Pay wants to bring you the safest environment possible. We are currently working closely with regulators and banks to finalize our regulatory requirements. We are very excited about this and promise to keep you updated as we achieve all levels of compliance and regulatory approvals. Thank you for being part of our journey!

How long does it take to receive money from someone with Mamo Pay?

Transfers are instant between Mamo Pay users.

How long does it take to add money to my Mamo Pay wallet?

Depending on your bank it could take up to 1 business day for money to reach your Mamo Pay wallet. You will receive a notification as soon as the money is in your wallet.

Can I use Mamo Pay internationally?

Not right now. We are currently focused on developing the best experience in the UAE, and expanding to the GCC soon.

Can I cancel a payment?

Please ensure that you are sending money to the right person. The safest way to do this is to grant Mamo Pay access to your phone contacts while sending money. If a payment has unintentionally been sent to the wrong person Mamo Pay will try its best to request the respondent to return the money, but we cannot guarantee that they will agree. Please email us on support@mamopay.com from the email address linked to your Mamo Pay account.

Can I access Mamo Pay to send or receive money without a smartphone?

Right now, you can only use the Android app. We will soon launch the Mamo Pay iPhone app and a Mamo Pay web application that you can access from your computer.

Are there any fees to send money using Mamo Pay?

Sending money to another Mamo Pay wallet is completely free, no fees now and forever.

Are there any fees to add money to my Mamo Pay wallet?

There are no fees on bank account transfers or withdrawals to and from your Mamo Pay wallet. It's also free to send money to other Mamo Pay users through the Mamo Pay app.

However, if you're using your debit card to add money to your Mamo Pay wallet, the first AED 1,000 is free, and then a 2.75% transaction fee applies thereafter. This will appear as "Transaction fee" in your recent activity.


I’m receiving an error message that my username and password is incorrect. Why? What can I do?

It’s okay, it happens to all of us! Please email us on support@mamopay.com so we can help you.

I'm having trouble registering with Mamo Pay. What should I do?

During the Private Beta registration can be done via email or Google sign-in. If you're having trouble with both of these methods please email us on support@mamopay.com.

I'm having a problem registering my mobile number. Why?

For now, you must have a UAE phone number to register. If you’re still having trouble please email us on support@mamopay.com.

How can I register for Mamo Pay?

During the Private Beta users are able to register via email or using their existing Google account. Mamo Pay never sees or gets access to your Google passwords or data. Your password is never stored on our servers.

How do I get started?

Will the person I send money to be notified?

Yes, they will receive a notification message as soon as the money received.

Who can I send money to with Mamo Pay?

In the first few weeks of the Private Beta, you will be able to send money to anyone who has an Android device. In the last few weeks of the Private Beta, we’ll start gathering insights on what works and what doesn’t for you. During these last few weeks, and to make sure we bring you the best experience possible we may restrict sending and receiving to folks who are registered Mamo Pay users at that time. Rest assured that once we’ve concluded the Private Beta, you will be able to use Mamo Pay to send money to anyone and everyone once again.

What if the person I’m sending money to hasn’t registered with Mamo Pay?

They will be encouraged to click the link and download the Mamo Pay app to receive the money instantly. If they don’t use Android, or they forget to click the link in 3 days, the money will be immediately refunded to your Mamo Pay wallet.

Someone sent me money with Mamo Pay. How do I receive it?

If someone sent you money via Mamo Pay then this will appear in your Mamo Pay wallet instantly, and you can track the payment in your activity. If you have received a magic link then, please click on the link and accept the payment. This will be reflected in your wallet balance and activity.

Is there a limit to how much money I can send?

There is no hard limit. However, as this is a Private Beta, we request that you send money owed to friends and family for small items, like splitting restaurant bills, utility bills etc.

I sent money to someone. How do I get a receipt?

This is a feature we are looking forward to building for you in the future, for now you can check incoming and outgoing payments in your app.

I sent money to someone and they never received it. What should I do?

Please check that you sent the money to the correct person. If in doubt, please email us on support@mamopay.com.